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Site for your science and math homework

Läksyvihko.fi is produced and maintained by National association for teachers of mathematics and science MAOL ry and MFKA-kustannus Oy. It is offered free of charge for all the upper secondary schools and students at upper secondary school level in Finland. For teacher members of MAOL are additional features offered.

Contact information
Matemaattisten aineiden opettajien liitto MAOL ry
Rautatieläisenkatu 6,
00520 Helsinki,
ph. +358 10 322 3160

The goal in the development of Läksyvihko.fi has been to support pupil and teacher in transition towards digital national matriculation examination mathematics and science. The purpose of Läksyvihko.fi is to easily write, store and share assignment answers created with rich text and equation editor used by Board of Matriculation Examination in their digital exams.

Läksyvihko.fi platform is developed and implemented by Joni Lehtola. The equation editor is developed by Board of Matriculation Examination.